“Coming from Riga, having reached the Gulf of Finland and having passed the Isle of Nargö, one sets course for the South and through the telescope one can already spy the Olaithurm tower in Tallinn. Approaching the city in summer, when the whole bay, where the city is located at latitude 59° 29′ and longitude 24° 47′, is flooded by bright sunlight, the waters are dotted with white sails and a cloudless sky covers all of the land. The view reminds one of Naples. But only in summer. In the rougher season, sheets of ice are stacked on top of each other in the harbor and a winterly veil covers the view that was so lovely in summer. During the summer months, Tallinn is a popular seaside resort thanks to its magnificent location.”

From: Lehnert, Josef von et al..: Die Seehäfen des Weltverkehrs. vol 1. Vienna, 1891, p 856-858.

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