„And the distance to Tallinn being not much less than 300 German miles, a long journey, taking the land route through Prussia and Livonia, even if there were no other hindrance, nor one such to arise en route, with such a wench, one would still have to calculate 3 whole months for the trip’s completion – from here to Tallinn – even though the travelling were to go altogether happily and well, and thus, one could hardly estimate to reach Tallinn before the month of November.”

From: Landgr. Philipps von Hessen Antwort dem Schwedischen Secret. Christo Schieffer ausgestellt in der Vermähl.-Sache seiner Tochter mit Kön. Erich XIV. In: Göttingisches Historisches Magazin von C. Meiners und L. T. Spittler, Vol. 3 (1788), p. 703-740.

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