Station 10, description

This map provides a detailed depiction of Pomerania. Between 1648 and 1815, the region was divided between Sweden and Prussia. In addition to several lines of communication, the map also shows individual businesses. In 1780, Adam Gottlieb Schneiders (1745-1815) founded a book-trading company with a focus on the arts. It was his marriage to Maria Johanna Stellwag, who had inherited the art dealer’s shop Weigel, that made this business venture possible. Schneiders published several maps. This “Special-Charte” is based on a number of drawings and maps, as well as contemporary statistical and topographical descriptions of regions: the „Ausführliche Beschreibung des gegenwärtigen Zustandes des Königl. Preußischen Herzogthums Vor- und Hinter-Pommern“ (Comprehensive description of the current situation of the royal Prussian Duchy of Western and Eastern Pomerania) by Ludwig Wilhelm Brüggemann (1743-1817), court preacher at the palace church in Wittenberg, and the “Schwedischpommersche Staatskunde” (Description of the Swedish-Pomeranian state) by Thomas Heinrich Gadebusch (1736-1804), professor of Public Law at the University of Greifswald.

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